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ONE, My Utopia!
Seo Jungmin (South Korea)
Tea House Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District
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15 Oct (Tue) 16:00, 16 Oct (Wed) 18:00
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Liminality: The holy and religious moment experienced by humans in the space and behavior normally considered to be taboos.

Seo Jungmin creates her subconscious utopia through Jeollado gut, a traditional ritual performed by shamans in the southwestern region of South Korea. In ONE, My Utopia!, Seo Jungmin confidently interprets her findings from her extensive local research into the ritual.

Her unique perspective takes us to a new level, away from everyday life, finding two fundamental principles: “improvisation” and “repetition”. The improvisational melodies are so sensitive to spatial energy that even the air becomes a musical element, and the process of constantly building structure based on variations resembles the sound world of the traditional ritual, becoming a showcase for Jungmin’s overwhelming artistry.

The 25-string gayageum, shaman song, and percussion create a truly unique and immersive experience seamlessly blending traditional Korean music with contemporary improvisation. Seo Jungmin performs with her longtime collaborators—traditional vocalist Kim Yulhee and multi-percussionist You Byoungwook—for the best possible performance.

Seo, Jungmin

25-string Gayageum Player

SEO JUNGMIN is a 25-string Gayageum player and composer from South Korea. She consistently composes and plays music based on research that has deeply penetrated Korean traditional music. She has been active on the world stage for nine years as a member of the Korean traditional music duo 숨[Su:m], collaborating with various artists regardless of genre and region. Her interests, in particular, are to examine the environment wherever she is, capturing small moments of daily life and sublimating them into impressive music, and to take inspirations from other artists to create new things. Her latest work is One, My Utopia! (2021), inspired by the traditional shamanistic ceremony of Jeollado from the southern part of Korea. The work was selected for the 2021 PAMS-CHOICE, 2022 CINARS BIENNALE Official Showcase, and makes its U.S. debut in June and November 2024.

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